I am trying to find a usable data set to see what Lasik does to the eyes, performance, and most importantly, the mind. There are some famous athletes that have had the surgery, so I was hoping to look at their stats and say that they obviously got worse after the surgery, but they didn’t Of course they didn’t. They were used to playing these sports in contacts, so the Lasik didn’t effect anything at all. I have know idea what it does to the mind though. If the mind is perfect untouched, and the eyes are vision to the mind, what happens if we just fix the eyes? Scary.

Tiger Woods supposedly had a -13.00 myopic correction whenever he got lasik for the first time in 1999. He got it again in 2007. I was really hoping to have some obvious slam-dunk dates here, but he won golfer of the year in 2013. So that doesn’t help my argument. We all know that he has/had a dramatic personal life, so I am not surprised that his vision was beyond terrible.

You don’t know if he got Lasik or not.

Things I don’t know: what happens to the mind after lasik. What happens to the eyes after lasik. My fear is that it traps the mind in the state of anxiety, without finding the actual fix.

It’s not easy to research because of the enormous amount of marketing and websites trying to sell lasik and glasses. Obviously, this is not a popular opinion. And even if people already knew that it was true, it would be worth billions or trillions to bury it.

Glasses and lasik are not the answers. They are the end-around. The quick fix.

Next I need to look at people with mental disorders that got lasik. I assume they still took their meds after the surgery. So we cure the symptom without fixing the problem. Send the patients on their merry way and cash our checks, because no one sees the correlation. Why should a zoloft script prevent us from taking this guy’s money? I’ll tell you why: he has some level of anxiety, and he has something unsettled in his mind. Cut his eyes, and he is not going to stop taking his meds, because his mind will still work the same. You create a lens where he can see the world, without letting him use his eyes and mind the way they were intended.

How often are their repeat procedures for lasik? Do these people with anxiety or bad vision workthemselves back into these same ruts?

Just found this: LASIK is no different in terms of optics and biology impact, as lens wear.  The procedure simply cuts a permanent lens onto your eye.

That said, it is a permanent lens.  If you are asking whether your vision is permanently going to stay at the level of clarity you experience just after the treatment, that’s a more challenging question to answer.

If your eyes were predictably getting “worse” (i.e. your myopia increasing year over year) prior to LASIK, then you can expect this trend to continue.  Since the procedure is the same as lens wear (and changes nothing about the underlying myopia cause), your myopia can continue to increase, and you’ll possibly be back to a -1 to 1-.50 in as little as a year.

The only way to get something close to permanently better eyesight, is to look at the root cause of myopia (ciliary muscle strain/spasm, and hyperopic defocus/axial elongation of the eyeball), and work on stopping what actually is driving your myopia progression.