Still reading and learning all I can about glasses. I think they are savage compared to the complexity of the eye. I’m not doubting the invention, as I’m sure that it’s served it’s purpose, but our dependence on them is unhealthy.

Your eyes are fine. Your mind is wrong. The world outside is perfect. Your eyes can see just fine, if your can see fine with your corrective lenses on. Your eyes are tired. They have to work to see out of those glasses, and you’ve trained them to do the same thing when you sleep. I’m telling you, get ready for the best sleep of your life.

Wednesday I go see my optometrist who will be testing my eyes with a $40k retinascope to see if I’ve progressed in the past month without wearing my glasses. I can tell you for a fact that I have, and I’m really looking forward to my meeting with Ted. By my calculations, my vision right now is around -0.5 diopters, or just nominal nearsightedness. My theory is that my eyes will grow stronger as my mind grows stronger and look forward to being able to see perfectly clear in a couple months.

Old guy in glasses

Right now, everything is as clear as it has ever been to me without glasses. I’m constantly testing it in different environments, and I catch myself wondering every now and then if I have contacts in. I recently drove home on a dark, two lane highway at night for over an hour. Typically I’d be anxious, and put glasses on, but I made it the entire way without any major incidents.

Important note: glasses technology is relatively unchanged for centuries and the complexities of the human eye are impossible to understand. Unchain your brain and drop the glass.

Also: If you, have worn glasses your whole life, or your vision is worse than -2.00 diopters, I’d recommend weaning yourself off as your vision improves. Keep reading though.

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