Questions for your optometrist

If you want to learn how little we know about the eyes, just ask your optometrist some of these questions. Please be careful because they do know a lot more than I do about the actual structure of the eyes, but what they don’t know is they treat problems that are not eye related.


What do you think causes refractive errors?

Do you think your practice works? If so, then why do your patients get worse over time.

Do you think that there may be a correlation between eyesight and mental strain?

Do you believe that your eyesight varies throughout the day? If not, let’s prove that.

If your eyesight varies throughout the day, why do you write a single prescription?

If your eyesight varies throughout the day, how can you correct the eyes with lasik?

Have you ever heard of any research related to the study of mental illness and how it affects vision?

Do you notice that most of your patients have other health problems other than just glasses?

Have you thought that maybe some of their other medications could be artificially or naturally changing their vision either permanently or temporarily?

Have you ever witnessed someone’s vision improve? Is that not the goal of medicine? If glasses do not solve the problem, only exacerbate it, what do we prescribe them?