Don’t Trust Your Psychiatrist

Disclaimer: Changing psychiatric mediation comes with obvious risks and should not be done unless supervised and supported by a professional. If you have no intentions of changing your behaviors, your life, or your brain, there is no reason to believe that anything will be different this time around. The purpose of this is to establish the fact that there is a version of you that is OK without medicine.

No offense.

But we just are in the beginning stages of learning about the human brain. Psychiatry is like the bloodletting of the 21st century. Sure, we’re testing these drugs before we hand them out, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t let someone who know’s nothing about cars rebuild your engine. It just makes no sense.

Everybody’s wired differently. We just have to find the right mix of chemicals. This is all bullshit. All they know is that they can write you scrips that sometimes help people feel better for some amount of time. It’s all about trial and error.

They don’t know the actual nature of change. Not numbing you into some third party in your own life. Actual change.

Read about all your meds before you take them. Most of what they prescribe have some crazy side effects. There are multiple studies out there about whatever you’re thinking about taking.

Grill your shrink about your diagnosis. Ask as many questions as it takes until you are on board with everything.

Be honest with them. They can only diagnose what you tell them. It doesn’t help anyone to lie or to just not take your medicine. Tell them you’re not taking that pill. Tell them you’re not on board with an increase. The decision every day whether or not to take the pill is yours. 

Stand your ground. Your sanity is a stake here. You’re talking about medicine that will deeply impact your life.

Ask about alternative routes. Think critically about the other variables in your life right now. You’re about to double down. What if you’re completely happy on these meds? Is that the real you?

Your goal should be to eventually ween off. But DO NOT take my word for it. Do your own research. Form your own opinion. You only get one go at this.

Remember: you were designed to be happy. And you’ve been happy before without meds. 



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