Should I drink caffeine while I’m pregnant?

No. Absolutely not. 

Here’s why: the verdict is really still out on this. Some people say you can have a cup or two of coffee a day. There are studies saying up to 300 mg per day of caffeine is safe for your baby.

Here’s my issue with that. We don’t even know what caffeine does to the brain yet, so how can we possibly tell you how much to take?

We’re really not all that sure about what you should do about your anti-depressants either. We know that they increase several different risk factors in your baby, but if you’re chronically depressed, it seems like the consensus is to stay on your meds. I mean this makes sense on the surface.

Read the warning labels and side effects on your anti-depressants. They do not mix well with pregnancy. So, in my opinion, just don’t get pregnant while you’re depressed. Adding another variable to your happiness equation just makes no since at this point. Here’s an article tying SSRIs in expectant mothers to depression and anxiety in teenagers and teens.

We know you shouldn’t smoke while you’re pregnant. There’s all sorts of info on this subject. The most interesting reason is that is causes premature birth. We’ll get into why that’s interesting later.

We know you shouldn’t drink while you’re pregnant. But do we know why? Because it messes with the neurological development of the baby. But why and how?

You’re already on board with these things. They are common knowledge. More than that, you’d be scorned if you did anything else. It’s been common practice for years, maybe longer. But there’s more to the story. 

Older women have a higher rate of miscarriage? Check out this chart.


It’s clear that older women have a significantly higher percent chance of miscarriage. But how can this be? If time does not exist, as we’ve discussed before, what is different in these woman as they get older?

Mental strain. Blink rate. Brainbeats. Call it whatever you want. These women have already started aging, and their time perceptions have begun to accelerate. They are more likely to have glasses, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and whatever else.

So by having higher resting brain activity, these women in general have a harder time getting pregnant, and are much more likely to miscarry.

The cool thing is, you may can get pregnant at 60 if you understand this concept. It’s not just for that actress that looks 40. The only barrier between you and your former self is you.


So you may be aware that my brain model includes a perfectly functional human brain for everyone. That’s where we may have an issue here. The unborn baby may have the perfect opportunity for a perfect brain, but his or her mother’s habits will impact his life. If the mother is taking antidepressants, something that we largely do not understand, she may be robbing her baby of a chance of normalcy.

Pregnancy is a young woman’s game. More like a healthy woman’s game. If aging is in the mind, it really doesn’t matter how many days into your life you get pregnant. The biggest issue, though, is that we don’t even know the things that are hurting us. So you can do “all the right things” and still end up depressed, bipolar, manic depressive.

So it’s actually pretty simple: younger people get pregnant easier for the same reasons they don’t get cancer as often. We know that aging is a brain disease, and it starts in the brain. We’ve talked about how to slow it, by reducing mental strain.

There are other factors at play here, obviously. But I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to weigh in on those. What I know about is the human perception of time. And this is how it applies to pregnancy.

In summary:

  • Alcohol effects pregnancy.
  • Tobacco effects pregnancy.
  • Antidepressants effect pregnancy.
  • Caffeine effects pregnancy.
  • Younger people get pregnant easier, and have fewer complications.

If aging is the biggest correlation to miscarriages, and we have the solution to aging, then we know what to do have the best possible chance at a successful pregnancy.

We’ve already connected tobacco, alcohol, and antidepressants before. But there were some other items on that list: caffeine and glasses. I know what you’re thinking. That’s absurd! Maybe so. Take a look at some of my earlier posts and decide for yourself. We don’t have the full story here. Eliminate the things that are changing your brain, and retake your life, and give your baby the best possible chance.