Rethinking IQs

Your IQ doesn’t matter. Not in the way you’re thinking, at least. They are important to help determine the state of the mind, at least, but they shouldn’t determine who your friends are or what you think of yourself. 

IQs change over time. No one is going to argue with this statement. The question is why, and is it reversible?

What should your IQ mean to you?

It should show you how well your brain in optimized for your life, at the current moment. There are much easier ways to test this without wasting thirty minutes on a computer, but do what you need to do.

Your IQ is about as important as your blood pressure. If it’s low, you’re doing something wrong. But it’s only a snapshot of your state of mind at this moment.

You have the capability of being a genius. You probably don’t use your mind right. You can change that though. You decide how your mind operates.

So how can you optimize your brain?

  1. Learn how to see without glasses.
  2. Remove your filters.
  3. Question your fears.
  4. Debug your logic daily.

How do you know if it’s working?

Apart from eyesight, memory is the easiest way to test. Think about what you ate for breakfast yesterday. When I first started this, I’d really struggle. Now I can tell you exactly what I ate, who was there, what they were wearing, and what was on TV. It’s all about the details.

Test your memory a couple times per day. Try to hone in on what changed in between the tests. Why did I remember so much more clearly right before bed than I did at after lunch? We’re you stressed about something? Could it have been something you ate? Was your blood sugar high or low? Did you just get done working out?

Find your sweet spot and repeat the loop until you’re satisfied with the results. You deserve a brain that’s fully optimized for your life. Just be sure to send me a thank you note with some of your new free time.