Join me on my ambitious quest to find my truest self, develop a working model of the human mind, and unravel some mysteries of the universe.

There is no reason for you to believe me, or read this book. I’m just another guy. But let me tell you this: I don’t even want to write this book. But I know I need to. If you are easily offended, or if you have your mind made up on how the world works, do yourself a favor and put this book down. This book will offend you, make you question all sorts of things you thought were known, and help you base your opinion of the world on what is, not what appears to be.

Why write a book?

I know. It’s 2019. Basically nobody reads my blog. And I think if I could only write one book, it would be super-polarizing and thought provoking. The world needs these ideas, all in the same place. How questioning everything led me eventually to see the major shortcomings of science, mainly as it pertains to health, medicine, and the brain.

What I learned before anything was what we don’t know. The mysteries are so well hidden, that that don’t even seem like mysteries anymore. The first mystery that I dove into was the human eye. I know what you’re thinking: the eye is solved. But it’s not that simple. We’ll get into more of that later.

So let’s start with a little email that I sent one of my professors. I’m not going to fancy it up for you. We’ll dive in more later. But here are the big premises. If we can prove these things, then we can prove God exists.

I decided to email first, and maybe we can discuss after you have time to think about it. It also lets me get things in better order.
1. We were all created equal. Or perhaps in the image of God. We were all given the same opportunity. Genetics does not explain everything. There is a whole branch of science called epigenetics which studies how genes change over time.
2. We create our own misery. Depression, anxiety, aging, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, SIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Down Syndrome.
3. We were designed to be happy. How do I know this? Because all of the items from number two are caused from a logical loop in the brain. We control our brains, and when the logical loops arise without appropriate doubt, things start to break down. All the loops are different, because the fears are different that cause the loops.
4. Medicine ignores the existence of the soul. It exists apart from the body and controls the mind, and the mind controls the body. If you stress the body, the mind is stressed. And a stressed mind stresses the body.
5. Personal relativity. We all know about the flight or fight response mechanism. Most people would say that it’s something that we evolved in order to survive. But if you look at my proof on personal relativity, time moves differently for everyone. Namely, those who are the most stressed experience time the slowest, and age the fastest. Meaning, the further you are from your “ground state” the more “time” you are given daily to figure things out.
So in this book, you’ll dive into some secondary science, with me on a mission to discover my truest self, and in the meantime try to unravel some of the mysteries of the universe.
Here are my rules:
  1. No topic is off limits.
  2. I don’t try to use fancy language to confuse you.
  3. No in-text citations. Truth is, most of the ideas are not in the source text.
  4. No ideas can contradict the Bible.
  5. No ideas can contradict physics.
  6. I cannot promise not contradict existing science altogether, because I do. And for good reason.