Quantifying Character

I don’t know how psychologists of years’ past quantified character. Here’s my take on it.

You should know by now that I view the brain as a perfectly designed, fully programmable computer. With that in mind, we make thousands of decisions every day, more than any people in the history of humanity. How does our character factor in to those decisions?

Can we write some code to help us narrow down the possibilities for each decision? Yes. Imagine that every time you are faced with a decision you have five choices:

  1. Strongly Positive
  2. Positive
  3. Nothing
  4. Negative
  5. Strongly Negative

Your character is your decision of how to make these decisions. If you automatically throw out negative and strongly negative, you’ve already written some pretty strong code. If your choice of what to do is determined by how you feel or who’s around, remember you only have as much character as your decision is predictable.

Think about it. Those people you know that do nothing or negative things are either sloths or assholes. Those people that have no character and could do something strongly positive or strongly negative at any moment are usually considered crazy or unstable.

So write your own script and go ahead and decide how you will make decisions. Don’t let your mood or your audience define you.

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