We Evolve Faster

I’m not going to argue with Darwin, I think he had some very important ideas about how populations of animals change over time.

What I think he, and so many others got wrong, is that humans do not follow the same model. We evolve faster.

Let me try to show you what I mean:

  • Humans ears and noses never stop growing.
  • We get hairier as we age.
  • We have the capacity to change our diets, lifestyles, and environments.

These are unique in the animal kingdom.

When Darwin would say that the size of a bird’s beak or a dogs ear would help us classify it, humans do not have set sizes in these. Not even for a single person over the course of their life.

Because, unlike other species, our minds are reprogrammable. And we program it. So as our code changes, we change. Every day we either get closer to our truest selves, or further away.