Collecting Fears

One thing that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, or whoever raised us, is our logic set. That logic set determines our fears, and our fears determine a large part of the path that we take.

If your mom eats healthy because she doesn’t want to die early, chances are you will too. Not because you like eating healthy, but you’ve honored her logic that making healthy choices is beneficial in the long run.

But let’s say your mom is scared of lizards. Sure, not the most appetizing creatures, but how does it strike fear in the heart of anyone. It’s so gross, I can hear my sisters yelling. I don’t even think the majority will agree that they are gross, but the bigger question is, is gross scary? When did we start teaching girls this?

So the fear builds. If lizards are gross and scary, and mom is scared of mice, then mice are gross and scary too. So instead of becoming stronger [afraid of less] these girls are becoming afraid of more. And the more fears you have, the harder the world is to navigate. The further you are from your best self.