Hope is one

I feel connected with him because we share initials, and we’re both obsessed with time. I want to talk about small scene he had in the last (or maybe 2nd to last) Avengers movie.

In one scene, he’s sitting cross-legged, levitating, and clearly calculating something with his time gifts. After a while, someone asked him what he was doing, and he says that he was assessing possible outcomes of future events. He looked at over 14,000,000 different scenarios, and only one had a positive outcome.

There was literally only one possible outcome where the universe existed as it was before, and we fans had hope.

Using the Avengers as our background, we only need one potential positive outcome to be hopeful. Or at very least, buy a movie ticket.

The question becomes what is bothering you right now? Can you imagine a scenario where it’s gone? That’s what hope is. It’s the ability to imagine a single potential positive future outcome. And the truth is, there are infinite.

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