Time is like a tree

Time, the way I see it, looks like a tree. The trunk is the past. The future is the branches. The present is the point at which the branches start. Forgive the drawing.

untitled (1)

The past is written. The present is not the future or the past. The future is a set of infinite potential future outcomes.

What’s interesting though, is to use that comparison, God would look at the future the same way we look at the past. Except for the hidden gem that he exists presently with us now.

We know that we have free will because we make choices every day, and our lives are indicative of these choices, to some extent. I can tell you to touch your nose, and you can touch it or not. Whether you touch it or not, it immediately becomes part of your past. God knows what you were going to do, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the freedom to do it.

Not only do we have the freedom to make decisions, but we also have the freedom to decide what we think is true. This becomes the basis of our belief system. Determines our logic, and thus governs our thoughts and behaviors.

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