Applying Faith to Addiction

Preliminary Reading: I am an Addict

We discussed the nature of addiction in previous posts. The question becomes, is it healthy to be addicted to anything?

As humans, we have needs, but what do we use to fill the inescapable void?

The answer is something that can always be with us, but something that can grow our whole lives without making us unhealthy. We need something that the more we have, the better we get.

But if those things are true, we can’t really be addicted to it. If it can become a part of you, there is no longer an expectation. If now we desire God to be with us all the time, he can do that. He’s been there anyways. So instead of expectation, you’re left with more love than you even asked for. We are forever indebted to somebody that we can never fully repay. We are only asked to love our neighbors as ourselves. And we now know what a huge call to action that is.


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