Perfect is Impossible

We all know perfectionists. The question is what type of logic is it that makes them that way, and what does that logic set do to their behaviors and their happiness.

For perfectionists, right and wrong become perfect and imperfect. And they have to dislike or hate the imperfect to be willing to change it.

To be a perfectionist, you have to develop an eye for spotting the negative in situations that are mostly positive. Because if you can’t spot the negative, you can’t change it. And if you can’t change it, things aren’t perfect.

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Expecting perfect is essentially expecting unhappiness. Because the world lies outside of the realm of perfect.

And when you hold things to a perfect standard, it’s hard to see the positives when you’re too busy trying to correct the negatives. There is little room for gratitude when perfect is expected.

Admittedly, many people are very successful because of their perfectionism. Their ability to spot imperfections and correct them right away is a part of their life. The key is being able to turn it off when you get home. Realizing that one of your gifts is spotting the negatives in things, no matter how small, should help you in spotting the positives in people and things that you care about.

We must recognize that there are positives in almost every situation, when we just allow ourselves to see them. 


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