In a world without money,

There would be no banks. There’s no reason for them.

There would be no insurance. With no money, how would we insure things?

There would be no jobs, as we know them. Of course, you’d have plenty to do. But most of your life, you wouldn’t be behind a desk making money for someone else. Your job would be to provide for your family. If you weren’t a hunter, you’d use your trade to barter for food to provide for your family.

You would be forced to maximize your gifts, utilize your own value. There’s no reason not to see what you’re best at and develop skills that you never thought you’d need.

Gifts are more equal. Society still must move forward. We’d still need doctors, lawyers, cooks, and everything else. But there is no incentive to do anything other than what you are good at. The path of least resistance becomes the path that suits your strengths.

People are more equal. Social status becomes almost non-existent. Wealth does not transfer generation to generation to generation. We respect people because of what they have done, not what their parents did.

There would be no businesses. If the world was not money-centric, what would the point of businesses be?

There would be no stock market. You can’t buy shares of something that doesn’t exist with something that doesn’t exist.

God did not make money. He made paradise.

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