Ginger Mysteries

Redheads are not normal. But since we’ve already cast doubt into genetics, let’s try to explain these differences with our time perception model. 

They need more pain medicine. We’ve discussed pain tolerance before. If time moves slower for redheads, they would naturally need more pain medicine. Not because they feel pain differently, but because they feel time differently. 

They have a higher risk of Parkinson’s disease.  If the disease is associated with higher levels of brain entropy, it would make sense that a group of people that experience time slower would have an elevated risk.

They have a better chance of melanoma. We’ve already discussed how you may control your sunburn. We know this group is light skinned, but what if they simply live at a more excited state? 

They detect temperature changes more accurately. If entropy is high and time is slow, it would be easier to detect changes in temperature, in a similar manner that it would be easier to get sunburned. Think about it for a minute. If you could get twice as sunburned in the same about of time as the average person, you’d also get colder faster or warmer faster. Not because they feel temperatures differently, but because they feel the same temperatures longer. 

They need less Vitamin D. If you assume that our time perception theory is correct, they’d naturally need less sunlight than other people. But not exactly less sunlight. Since time is relative, time in the sun is relative. So it’s not that they need less sunlight, it’s that they get the same sunlight in less time. 



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