Morals Make Life Easier

I was just introduced to a term called information entropy. Essentially, the more options you have, the more entropy you have. The more possible outcomes, the more uncertainty about the result. 

Here’s the beauty of the Bible. We were given this moral code, not to make our lives harder, but to make it easier. You don’t have to worry about whether or not to get a divorce, because you have guidance. You don’t have to worry about being gay, because it’s against what you believe. And just considering these things creates more uncertainty about your future. But that’s not what God wants for us. 

The math of this concept is easy. The more possibilities, the more uncertain your future. So if you believe that divorce is OK [I know that there are some extenuating circumstances in the Bible], you are opening yourself up to infinite potential realities with essentially infinite other women. That’s very uncertain. The truth of it is that there are infinite realities where you and your wife work it out.  

The more options, the more uncertainty. That’s what a moral code does, it narrows down the options. It takes away branches in the tree that contain potential futures. When you believe in abiding by the law, you narrow your options even further.

If you truly believe, all possible outcomes end at the same place. Life becomes just a journey to get there. If the paths are different to the same place, is there entropy at all? [If we’re counting coin flips, all would end up heads. It really doesn’t matter how they get there]

The future is uncertain, but it is also known. God did not intend to make our lives unbearable with his moral code: He was giving us a tool to make our lives easier.

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