Laser Cascade

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulating emission of radiation. Why it’s important to me, is it gives me a mechanism for some strange phenomenon. Not a simple one, but if I would’ve just paid better attention in physics class, I would have probably put all this together much sooner.

So how do we get excited electrons in the brain or body? Electrons are already in the body. The body is made of atoms, and those atoms each have electrons. How do we excite them? We add energy. Light is one way to do this.

If we can show that light energizes the body, at some point some of the electrons in the body could become excited. The body has a threshold for charge, the straw that breaks the camels back is the last photon that enters the system before the cascade.

The last photon in before excitement triggers the cascade. It is replicated in frequency, wavelength, and phase. Bringing an electron from an excited state to a ground state produces a photon. And photons prefer to be similar, thus one excites another and another.

The body could expel these produced photons out of the brain’s one true opening to the outside world: the pupil. There is also an internal mechanism for disbursing this excess charge, that we will get to later. 




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