In Defense of the Indefensible

Luke P., one of the most disliked bachelors in the history of the show, was just publicly crucified for his beliefs. And they’re a lot like mine. The problem is, he just doesn’t know how to defend his positions. And he went on a show that condones a system that it completely unnatural and against what he believes.

So obviously he’s going to get angry. I’m not going to stand up for everything that the guy did. I can’t. But this last exchange was hard to watch. The dude walked out before the show was over.

He tried to stand up for himself, but he just didn’t have the firepower. He had good positions on things, but just couldn’t explain the logic behind them. And he also couldn’t show the obvious flaws in the system itself or the Bachelorette. He really didn’t think well on his feet, and I know how that feels. I can’t imagine a stage of that magnitude.

Think about it: I know what I believe. I know what everyone is going to think about what I believe. But I also don’t believe in lying. So here it goes.

It’s  painful to watch. He can’t find words and just waits for seconds to respond to seemingly simple questions. But it’s not because he doesn’t know the answer, it’s because he knows that the answer is not an agreeable one. That his position is not a popular one.

The basis of the argument that sent Luke home was that he judged Hannah for using the fantasy suites for sex. In all fairness, that is basically what they are for. But Luke thought that he and Hannah had a deeper spiritual connection. Essentially, he thought that she was a Christian, so she believed like him. And being a born again Christian, he believed in not having sex until he got married. Here’s where it all started:

That’s where things get interesting, she has sex. And Luke was thrown off by her actions in spite of her beliefs. He calls her out on it, more out of surprise than anything. She goes on some tirade about how she can do what she wants and Jesus still loves her. Eventually Luke goes home.

So, the show tonight had Luke in the crosshairs. He eventually backtracks on his position and apologizes. At the end of the show Hannah attacks the poor guy again. Eventually, the guy just up and leaves in the middle of the show. I really don’t blame him. Hannah says something at the end of her attack that I won’t forget: That’s what grace is for!

She uses Jesus as a defense for sin. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He didn’t come to give us permission to sin, he came to give us a pathway to salvation.

If you apply that line of thinking to anything, it’s practically insane. There’s no reason to do anything other that what you please at any point, because of Jesus. In that case, Jesus didn’t come to free us from sin, he came to make sin more accessible to us.

Her logic is basically that she knows that it is wrong, and she did it anyways. And Jesus still loves her. Because that is what grace is about. Yes, we are all sinners. But if we use grace as an excuse to sin, how do we become more like Christ? It’s impossible. You get stuck in a loop.

If he would’ve been better equipped to defend himself, he could’ve asked why would you do something if you belief it’s wrong? And from there, I think he would’ve learned enough about her to leave the show. Because think about it for a second, if what you believe doesn’t affect how you act, why believe anything at all?

Go now and sin no more. John 8:11

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