Strange Seizure Triggers

With this idea in mind, I’d like to look at some unusual seizure triggers.
  1. Low Blood Sugar. To me, this is the strangest of seizure triggers, because it involves something that we don’t typically even relate to the brain. To answer this question, I need to borrow from a post I wrote about diabetes about a year ago. We know that the brain’s primary source of energy is glucose. Imagine that the body’s job is to regulate this glucose. If that is true, low blood sugar would require the body to speed up processes, to fuel the brain with what sugar is left. If the body speeds up its work process to fuel the brain with remaining glucose, the optic nerve signal would increase. And we know from how transistors work, that’s no bueno.
  2. Sleep Deprivation. I view sleep as a quantum cooling of the brain. Therefore, lack of sleep would result in extra electric charge. Not to mention, the transistor likely reacts throughout the day, and becomes less and less forward biased. Therefore, if sleep is a process that charges the aqueous, lack of sleep causes higher brain entropy, which increases the number of free electrons in the vitreous.
  3. Alcohol. This is from a different angle. If the eye works like an NPN transistor, alcohol would affect the internal voltage source, the optic nerve. As the alcohol stresses the brain, the optic never charges the collector of the transistor more than the emitter. This could force a reverse bias mode.
  4. Stress. It works basically the same as alcohol. The internal processes reverse-bias the transistor.

Essentially, all of these triggers work in the same way in regards to the collector of the transistor. Each factor would seem to increase voltage across the wrong portion of the transistor, leading to what may be a reversed bias situation, or even a laser cascade


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