Defining Envy

Envy is wanting something that someone else has. It’s essentially the same as expectations, except for the fact that you may never have it. 
So while anger is the addition of a negative event, envy is more the addition of a hole. An expectation that current circumstances can not fulfill. 
So while what you envy may be positive, the envy itself creates something negative in you. 

Let’s say I envy your car. I have to first identify your car as better than mine, then want it. 
With envy, you take something that was complete and make it incomplete. You create a void by wanting something you do not or cannot have. In the car scenario, it makes it nearly impossible for you to be grateful for your car, because you want mine. 
Paul teaches us in Corinthians that ‘love doesn’t not envy.’ We already defined love as being imagining future realities with. If that is true, how could love not envy? I think because it’s semantically impossible.  If love is imagining future realities with, envy is literally imagining a reality outside of the present one. Thus love cannot envy.  

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