Proving a personal God

Recommended Preliminary Reading: Defining Love and Applying Love

  1. The mind exists apart from matter.
  2. A God that exists in the mind is greater than one that does not.
  3. A God that exists in the mind is a personal God.
  4. God can exist in the mind.
  5. A personal God exists.

Consider the immaterial mind, the fact that God can exist as an idea in the mind does more than just suggest the possibility of his existence. If God can exist in my mind, he is greater than a God that cannot exist in my mind. And if he can exist in my mind, and yours, that would be greater than the former. So the more minds that God exists in, the greater God is.

But also, the mind exists in the dimension of time. So that God’s existence in the mind is greater the more realities he exists in. 

What does this say about Deism? A God that simply winds the clock is a lesser God than one that exists with us. And died for us on the cross. 

What about Islam? If we are measuring the potential greatness of God, God would simply be greater if more people believed in him. So that the God of Christianity’s greatness and love would be greater because of the call for mercy and grace instead of murder. 

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