Faith Perspective

I’m sure that many of you have been down this road, but wanted to get your opinion on it. Typically, what people are looking for is evidence, and I think we have some great arguments on our side. With my background in science, I was thinking that I actually never empirically verified the value of gravity.

Of course, I know what it is. I’ve plugged it into different equations, but I’ve never ‘discovered’ it. Instead, I do like any other reasonable person would do, and use what’s in the textbook. But by doing this, I make some assumptions:

  1. My brain can gather information about the external world
  2. The book I am reading is true and the value for gravity in the book is correct
  3. The experiments that lead to this constant were done properly.
  4. The conclusions from the experiments done are correct
  5. The scientific community that verified this value was also correct

My point is that I have faith in this value. While no one will discount the value of gravity, no one tests it anymore either. We have faith in a number, and a process.

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