Shadows prove the sun

Sometimes I struggle with intrusive thoughts. Things I would never do, and never want to do trigger over and over again in my mind. While some people may just let these pass, I engage them. Question them. Reason with them. 

While I’d prefer just not to have the thoughts, I cannot guarantee that. But what I can do is take the thought and test it against my philosophy. And in this, I can make a case against the thought. Reasons that I won’t or can’t do whatever the thought is. Bible verses really seem to help here, too.

I got out of the shower at almost eleven tonight, and it occurred to me: this battle that I have-this conversation, this struggle- was proof of evil. And evil proof of good.

  • If temptation exists, evil exists.
  • If the evil exists, good exists.
  • And if good exists, God exists.
  • If God exists, the afterlife exists. 

So next time you are tempted, let that be your reminder that there is an afterlife. Because the shadows prove the sun. 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

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