Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is more feared than death, and apparently could effect 75% of the population.   But why? It’s simply speaking in front of other people. Maybe it’s because of judgment. In a room of a hundred people, some people will certainly not like whatever you have to say. Some will disagree with you. But why is this different than talking to one hundred people one on one?

It shouldn’t be. It’s the same talk and the same audience. But why does the group make it scary? It makes the weight of the situation more important. Instead of getting 100 chances to deliver the same speech, you have one chance to deliver one speech to 100 people.

There is only one speech. That’s the scary part. You only get one go. With a hundred times the influence. But not only that, there are obviously different people and personalities in the audience. When given separately, you may deliver your message differently. But now, you only get one chance.

You could hedge your bets and speak to different facets of the audience. Or you could speak to the largest percentage. No matter what, the speech is not the same as it would be one-on-one.

Unless, it’s just the truth. Not dependent on the audience. A speech delivered with no care of perception or judgment. So in that way, it would be the same speech that you would give one-on-one. There’s no difference. The audience simply means 99 less conversations that you have to have.

So as long as you’re speaking truth, it shouldn’t matter how many people are listening. There is no reason to be nervous if the truth is on your side. 

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