Rethinking the Atonement

I was watching Capturing Christianity interview William Lane Craig about the atonement when I realized, this needed to be addressed in my theory. I just thought it was heresy to have any theory about how the atonement worked, but even Craig seemed to think that we accept it, but don’t fully understand it. Giving several different theories and his own. 

So here’s my theory.

The human heart was darkened after the fall. But to have communion with God, purity is required. Since we are all fruit of the poisonous tree, we cannot have pure hearts. There is no sin in heaven.

So that in being born pure, Jesus was born to die for our sins. His pure heart atoned ours, not just once, but every day. Every time we ask for our sins to be forgiven. With Jesus and his gift of the Holy Spirit, we are forgiven. Our hearts are washed clean of our sins. Replaced with a pure, sinless one.

Without this sacrifice, there was simply nothing to compare. There was nothing in the world without sin, so there was nothing that was acceptable to God. We needed a model of perfection of a pure heart to be acceptable to God to commune with him now and forever.

The Holy Spirit lives in the heart, and is how we are purified in Jesus. Without Jesus, we’d never have the Holy Spirit. And without the Holy Spirit, we’d never have pure hearts. And without pure hearts, we’d never have communion with God. 

“No one comes to the Father except through me.” -John 14:6


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