Prepare for the Inevitable

The corona virus has taken over the fear of the world. It’s hard to go an hour without hearing something about it, or without taking an action with it in mind. In fact, the responsible people are basing their lives around the pandemic. We probably should. It’s a very scary thing. But it’s not the scariest thing.

I think times like these are good times to think about death. If the early passing of Kobe Bryant didn’t get you thinking about your mortality, this virus certainly should. You were always mortal, but these events bring it to the surface. Make it real. 

The virus may kill you. But it may not. What you can be certain of is that something will kill you. So instead of basing your life around something that kills somewhere between one and six percent of those who are infected, perhaps it is worth thinking about the thing that kills everyone.

So while I’m not going to recommend that anyone ignore the news have a party indoors or go to a concert or sporting event, I think we should be careful not to allow one particular flavor of death control our lives. 

So wear a mask, keep your social distance, but remember that one day your life will end-Corona or not. And that’s what you should be prepared for. 

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