Want and Fear

What I think is strange is the relationship between want and fear. A fear is a realized negative future reality. A want is very similar. It’s realizing a positive future reality, and preferring it to your current reality. In both instances, the current reality is corrupted because of thoughts outside of it. The fear may or may not ever happen. The want may or may not ever come to fruition.

For me, once the want or fear is identified, I can pray it away. And once it is gone, I can work to be fully present. Otherwise, my mind sits on the want or the fear until the want is filled or fear is overcome. The problem, though, is that all fears cannot be overcome. All desires cannot be filled. So I am either left wanting or fearing.

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So wants and fears are the same in that they both involve us looking forward to something that corrupts our current reality. Either by focusing on something negative that may happen, or something positive that may not happen. It’s only when we can overcome our wants and fears that we can focus on what is and start to be fully present. And the fully-present self is the best self.



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