Something’s Gotta Give

Kids have tantrums, awful displays of rebellion. As parents, we are forced to endure them. But why do kids resist in such a predictable fashion? 

As a kid, let’s say you want to watch TV. But you need permission to watch it. There are two wills at war, the kid and the parent. And only one can win. Either you end up watching TV or you don’t.

If the parent caves, the kid learns that his will is stronger. So instead of giving in, he could amp up his efforts of resistance. Because if he didn’t get what he wanted yet, He must not have pushed hard enough.

If the kid caves, he learns that the parent’s will is
stronger. There is no reason to amp up resistance, because he knows he will lose.

So next time you’re engaged in a battle of wills, remember what tapping teaches kids about you. Something’s gotta give, just don’t let it be you.


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