I guess this is where I tell you about myself. I’m a realtor, an athlete, and a life-hacker and self-experimenter. I really wanted a book deal, but I settled for a blog. Turns out, even if you have really important ideas, that you can prove, it’s still hard to get peoples’ attention.

I’m thirty years old and studied physics in college. I question everything and never accept the status quo. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’ve recently battled depression and myopia, and I started reading everything I could to try to save my life. A combination of ideas from a bunch of different books came together to form my general premise that I started to use to tackle tough questions.

I always wanted to be a professional athlete, and that drive helped me experiment with all sorts of different patterns and mindsets, so I can tell you with certainty what doesn’t work.

The blog is named “Do not read this blog” probably for exactly what you’re thinking. I don’t have any scientific data to support my theories yet, so I know that medical professionals or just jerks are going to come across this with a lifetime of training that basically just closes their minds of to this kind of thinking. I think it’s important to step back for a moment, far enough where you can see things clearly for what they are, and ask yourself: what if I’m wrong? What if everything we think we know is wrong?