[Don’t] Read This First

So how did I get to this point? Can I prove anything? I started out with some assumptions. Then I stumbled across Jake Steiner’s Endmyopia.org, and got to reading and experimenting with my vision. I saw steady improvement, but nothing drastic. I then William Bate’s book from the 1920s about his studies and solutions to our everyday problems. This book changed my vision in a dramatic way, very quickly.

Here were my assumptions going in: All of our eyes are fine. We all create all the distortion in our minds. These are partially mine and partially borrowed from Bates, but I promise I’ll give them back later. Anyways, back to Bates. Dr. Bates proved with meticulous research that the eye itself does not actually “accommodate.” He says that it’s the muscles around the eyes that actually change the image and that you can train your eyes to work properly. He does emphasize mental strain and how the mind at rest sees.

So if Bates was right in any capacity, why do so many people where glasses? Bate’s theories were not readily accepted by the scientific community and largely dismissed. Just check out his wikipedia page.

Using some of Jake Steiner’s techniques, you can quickly prove to yourself that your vision varies drastically over the course of the day. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you have a single prescription? Ask your eye doctor if he has ever had anyone’s vision improve? Is medicine not supposed to cure ailments over time? Because most people’s eyes just get worse and worse over the course of their lives.

I know what you’re thinking: eyesight is genetic. False. Take a look at sets of identical twins, one who wears glasses and the other who doesn’t How, if refraction errors are genetic, does that happen?

Everyone’s eyes are fine. Our minds are fucked.