A Skeptic Search For Truth

Thinking Out Loud

Warning: My method is not the scientific method. If you are looking for peer-reviewed scientific journals, click here.

The Bates Conjecture

This all started with experiments on my eyesight. I read about the Bates Method and bought his book. When I saw improvements, I consulted with an eye doctor to track my progress. Bates said that the method seemed to work on everyone. Then I started thinking about the philosophical implications.

The Brain Axiom

From the Bates Conjecture, the Brain Conjecture followed. Simply put: the brain works. It works as advertised. It led to my brain model. In using this model, I started to look at some of the mysteries of the human body.

The Genetic Postulate

If we know that genes change over time, and epigenetics says that the environment and stress play a large role in how these things change. We used this principle to theorize:

I used these axioms to take a new look at some mysteries of science and medicine. 

I also developed new theories on mental illnesses including:

From there, I concluded that if the mind was made to work, the body must be made to work also. I theorized about diabetes, kidney disease, HIV, ED and concussions.

The Athletic Conjecture

I realized, that my theories weren’t much different than Christianity. The idea that we were all created in the image of God was not different from my idea that the brain works, under the right conditions and with the right logic. So with this radically new perspective, I began to look at the Bible differently. Instead of regarding it as true, I began to see it as the Truth. I excitedly dove in to give my perspective on:

The Soul Hypothesis

Functional Evolution Conjecture

If the body changes over time, and it strives for equilibrium, and epigenetic and stress factor in to how it changes over time, we play some role in how we change over time. This is not Darwinism. It’s an attempt to explain why humans change in predictable patterns over time. For instance, rarely is a child born with gray hair only to have it develop color over time. Our ears and noses continue to grow throughout our lives. If this was random, you’d expect to see some peoples ears and noses get smaller, but that’s not what happens. If it is non-random, there is a reason that it happens. And if there is a reason that it happens, what is it? 

The Morality Conjecture [coming soon]