Cure Your Own Dyslexia

This is in honor of my mom, who has dedicated many years to helping dyslexic kids in our area. 

Dyslexia will probably not have a single solution. Similar to our post about SIDS, dyslexia seems to be a combination of different causes for the same symptom. You can ask teachers, the solution to this one is very personalized. But the symptom is pretty well-defined: struggling to learn to read or struggling reading.

It’s a spectrum disorder. Some people have it much worse than others. Consider for a moment the most fluent reader in the world. That reader may look at average or even strong readers as impaired in some way. If we all have the ability to read at that capacity, each of our reading abilities has room for improvement. I’m not saying that we’re all dyslexic, but I’m not saying we aren’t either. So if instead of grouping together those people who don’t read well, shouldn’t we all strive to optimize our reading ability? That way there is no disease, only subjects that need further optimization.

There are a bunch of studies out there showing all sorts of ways that people have “cured” dyslexia. But not all approaches work on all people. So I suggest the shotgun approach: tinker with all the possible variables until you’re happy with the results.

Covering one eye works. In some students, the eyes work against each other. Reading with special glasses that eliminate one eye have been shown to help.

Background noise matters. Find your sweet spot. Is it the coffee shop or soft jazz in your headphones? Or is it perfect silence?

Head position matters. Your head position matters. Some people saw drastic improvement just by changing their reading head position.

Posture training helps. Along the same lines as the head position, posture control also has been proven to help dyslexic children.

Exercise helps. Studies have shown that short exercise prior to reading has increased fluency.

Boredom matters. Are you or your students interested in what you are reading? It will always be easier when the subject is interesting, or seems important. We have to go back a long way to tie boredom to mental strain. In short, boredom literally creates stress.

Diet makes a difference. Diets lower in sugar, helped reduce erratic eye movements, which reduced reading impairments.

Self 2 is the reader. I stole this term from The Inner Game of Tennis. You may have a different name for it, but these kids need to be able to read without thinking about reading. The goal is an effortless flow of ideas from the author to the reader. We aren’t looking for the fastest way to get them literate. If it isn’t effortless, or getting easier, they will find something else to do with their time.

Think about what you’re reading, not what you’re reading. The only purpose of the words is to convey ideas. When we have kids dissect words into their smallest parts, they disconnect from the intended flow. Kids are thinking about the words on the page or even letters on the page, not the thoughts on the page.

Changing fear into confidence. If you have struggled reading, it may become something that you fear or dread doing. Turning this dread into excitement comes with time and practice.

Let’s get one thing straight: You have to learn to read. If you have several things working against you, you are going to struggle to learn. If we remove those obstacles, you aren’t going to magically read, but you should learn faster. And read faster, once you learn.

For those of you who don’t have dyslexia but are just looking to improve your reading, change something. Chances are great that there is more than one thing left for you to optimize.



Curing Alzheimer’s

I’m sure you haven’t read it, but a while back we did a logical proof comparing schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. In that post, we logically theorize that schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are the same disease. And because some people have had remission from Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s should be curable as well.  

Blind people don’t get schizophrenia. Not one recorded case. The question is why?

Why would people who can’t see be immune to this type of crazy? Because they are immune to vision issues. As we’ve mentioned in multiple other posts, mental strain causes refractive errors and is a symptom of brain entropy. Because the blind never see, they never have the able to see incorrectly, in a way that produces mental strain. Left untreated, this strain can lead to sleep problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and all sorts of other things including schizophrenia.

So if blind people don’t get schizophrenia, and schizophrenia is Alzheimer’s, could we cure Alzheimer’s with blindfolds? I don’t think it will be that simple, but essentially…yes. 

And why do I think that it will work?

Comas were used decades ago to cure schizophrenia. There were huge risks, but there was some success. Some people died. The rest got really fat.

Many Alzheimer’s patients go into comas before they die. 

People with Alzheimer’s have more mental strain than any other group of people. They are far enough from their equilibrium, that sleep does not help them any more. Stress has been building on them throughout their lives, and they likely have a wide variety of health issues that start in the mind. We’ve shown how high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and many others all start with the same sort of mental strain.

The biggest issue I see with inducing blindness [in some manner] as a cure, is that all the medication taken by the individual will skew results. The goal here is to essentially zero out the brain, and that is impossible with drugs in your system. So the less meds the better. 

Twenty-four hours without sight should be enough to gauge results. If you start seeing improvement, continue as needed. If you decide to try this with yourself or a family member, please remember that nothing we’re doing here can do any permanent damage to your eyes or brain. You still have a fully functional brain. You always have.

Check out this study. The shotgun approach actually worked for UCLA. You can read their notes on it. They have no idea why. They had their subjects diet and exercise, go to counseling, and worked on stress management. Here’s why it worked:

Because they finally started addressing some of the major issues at the root of the disease. As they lowered their stress levels and improved their diets, they began to finally move the needle on the patients brains. The major difference not mentioned in this study, keeping these patients from true equilibrium is their eyesight. It’s really just a symptom of brain distortion, but it makes it much harder to stay healthy if you try to operate without your barometer.

There’s never going to be a pill or vaccination to cure Alzheimer’s. The answer lies within you. 

Here’s your Alzheimer’s Protocol:

  1. Go outside
  2. Move
  3. Relax
  4. See better
  5. No meds
  6. Doubt your fears
  7. Do something new
  8. Talk to a counselor
  9. Blindfold yourself



Theoretical Cure for Cancer

We always hear about the miracle cure for someone’s great uncle with terminal cancer. Find your own cases. It’s happened. Can we explain these miracles? And if so, can we replicate them?

Are there cancer cells in my body right now?

Yes. At least kind of. You and I both have mutations in our body that could lead to cancer if they we’re not properly kept in check.

So if you already had cancer, what’s the difference between me and someone in a chemo bed?

My immune system. My body is still fighting the mutations to keep me healthy and sane. The populations of my healthy cells are growing way faster than any cancer, so it will be stopped before it starts. The problem comes when the healthy cells start dividing slower than the cancerous mutated cells.

We know that cancer is a genetic mutation. But not all genetic mutations cause cancer. In humans, many epigenetic factors cause these mutations. But what do they all have in common? Stress. Stress on the mind, stress on the body, whatever. You stress the mind and you stress the body, and vice versa. When you stress the human mind without proper recovery, it ages. And aging is what causes cancer. Aging is a genetic mutation that we control. And it starts in the brain. 

So if we’ve proven that aging starts in the brain. And we’ve shown how time accelerates on those who are stressed. We’ve identified many of the stresses, and properly categorized others as symptoms. We’ve found the absolute zero of the human brain and human body. And craziest of all things, if you’re alive, there is a chance.

So how do you start to reverse to negative trend. How do you start rebuilding and stop degrading?

The question is really, why do we eventually begin to lose the battle to these stupid cells? Aging. Your odds of getting cancer increase dramatically every decade you’re alive. Do they have to?


How do you fight cancer cells?

You grow. You change. You doubt your fears. You build a mind of perfect logic. Accept the fact that something you did caused this cancer. It wasn’t just bad luck.

Eating healthy and exercising are great, but they are not going to cure cancer. Think about the lady who’s on the other side of this, and has basically slowly starved herself to death. Her body essentially does not have the fuel to rebuild. She doesn’t need to eat healthy. She needs to eat.

You can always have surgery to remove cancer. Or chemo. or radiation. I’m not opposed to these treatments with on caveat: If you survive the treatment, you need to realize that something has to change or you’ll be back again for more.

How do you grow?

First, identify the stresses in your life. We have many symptoms that we call stresses, many stresses that we cause symptoms, and some symptoms that we don’t even know are related yet. Chances are great that there’s not much in the hospital that is helping you find your happy place.

  1. Get your soul right. I would only use this as a last ditch effort because we clearly haven’t proven it yet. If you’ve completely given up, this may be a place to start. But death is not outside the question.
  2. Get your mind right. What are you most afraid of? Dying? Then your soul isn’t right yet. [go back to number one] What flaw in your logic has gotten you to this point? You’re going to need to question your own logic to escape your loop. The best barometer for your sanity is the quality of your vision.
  3. Get your body right. Your NFL comeback may be outside the question. But a happy couple decades is not. There is a very tangled web of truths, lies, side effects, symptoms, and speculations that lead your doctors to your current set of diagnoses. You need to figure out the root of your own struggle. Don’t let your doctors confuse you with five-dollar words. Simplify. What ailment came first? When did you start to break down?

How do I get my body right? 

  1. Eat
  2. Get your blood pressure right
  3. Get off your psychiatric meds
  4. Handle your diabetes
  5. Sleep better
  6. No caffeine
  7. No alcohol
  8. No glasses
  9. No smoking
  10. Find your ground state

Remember: if you’re alive, there’s a chance.