Exit the Loop

If the only thing in life that is constant is change, what variables are you fixing to try to stay the same?

  • Your weight
  • Your looks
  • Your diet
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your workout routine
  • Your job
  • Your stress
  • Your income
  • Your vision
  • Your happiness
  • Your stress
  • Your comfort

Don’t bottleneck yourself into who you think you should be. Or even worse, who other people think you should be.

We’ve proven over and over again how the body adapts to increasing stress. So don’t get trapped in a loop of increasing comfort. And don’t take the path of least resistance. Take the path that leaves the biggest mark.

Imperfect Love

Alternate Title: I Hate My Job

Can you love your life while looking forward to time away from her? No, not perfectly. If you look forward to time spent away from your wife, you are literally hating your wife, by our definition of love. So while you probably don’t hate her, your thoughts tell a different story.

What does looking forward to retirement say about your job? If you look forward to retirement, like most of us do, what does that say about you? You are looking forward to realities that do not include your job, therefore you hate your job in some capacity. You can’t truly love your job until you can see all future realities including it.

What if I look forward to when I put my kid to bed? If you look forward to putting your kids to bed, what are you saying about them. They aren’t tired yet. You put them down because you are excited about the freedom and time away from them. Be careful though, because this love of absence is the definition of hate.

So how do we love better? We stop imagining scenarios that involve us being apart from the people or things that we claim to love.

God loves us now and forever. He’s not trying to retire, or put us down, or just get some time to fish with his buddies. He is with us, no matter what, and that is what perfect love is.