Future Past Paradox

I was thinking along these lines this morning, and had a couple of thoughts that you may find useful. 

  1. Right now you are as young as you’ll ever be. In the timeline of your life, you are literally as far away from your death as you will ever be. That doesn’t matter if you die tomorrow, right now is still the furthest you’ll ever be from it.
  2. Everyone is as young as they will ever be. It’s not just you.  Even your grandmother. Her distance [on her life timeline] is as far away from her death at this moment as it will ever be in the rest of her life.
  3. Also, right now we are all as old as we have ever been. More time is in our past than has ever been in our past before. And as we get older, we will continue to be our very oldest at every single moment.

Therefore, you have more experiences now than you’ve ever had, and you’re as young now as you’ll ever be. So make today count. You’re not getting any younger. 

It’s Never Too Late

  1. If eyesight is reversible in me, it is reversible in everyone. Or rather, if Bates proved that all cases are reversible without glasses.
  2. If eyesight is reversible, it is not a physical impairment, it is a brain condition, or sub optimal mental state.
  3. If my brain condition is reversible, other brain conditions may be reversible.
  4. If a brain condition has been reversed in one individual, it is reversible in anyone.
  5. If brain conditions can be reversed without medicine in one in individual, all individuals with that condition can be reversed without medicine.
  6. If all individuals with these conditions can be resolved without medicine, our mental wellness can be achieved without medicine. And when time does not exist, it does not matter the age of the afflicted individual. Healing is always possible.
  7. If our mental wellness is obtainable without medicine, we were created to be mentally well.
  8. If mental wellness can be achieved without pharmaceutical assistance, we were made in the image of something greater.
  9. If we were created in the image of something greater to be well, we have a purpose.
  10. If it is never too late to be healed, it is never to late to find our purpose.