Changing Your End Points

Alternate titles: Trimming the Fat, Finding Your Purpose

If someone told you that you were going to live another 100 years, how would that change things?

It would give you the freedom to enjoy the small things. You’d pick your moments, take your time, and do things right.

If you got a terminal cancer diagnosis, your timeline may be five years or less. How would that change your day to day?

As that time window gets shorter and shorter, the urgency gets greater and greater. Just like a deadline for a work project: the closer it gets, the more urgency you have. The more unnecessary fat you are forced to trim, to free up time and energy for what really matters.

The key is that you decide what really matters. So as your window narrows, what’s most important to you will become apparent.

Time is the main difference between patience and urgency.

Appreciate the small things like you’re going to live for another 100 years, but work passionately on your purpose like you’re going to die tomorrow. Don’t wait for something dramatic to happen to become a man in a mission.

The Purpose of Life

Is to figure out the purpose of life.

How do we do that? We learn to discern right from wrong, establish our truths. Form our beliefs. Write logic based on those beliefs. Develop behaviors based on that logic. Then we compare them with other people’s.

If your truth is different from my truth, how is it different? If I discern that one of your truths is more plausible than one of my truths, I believe you. I inherit your truth. I then form new beliefs based on your truths, write new logic, and develop new behaviors.

Continue this process until you feel like you have something to share. Share that something while continuing to refine your truths, explore new ideas, and write better logic. 

It’s Never Too Late

  1. If eyesight is reversible in me, it is reversible in everyone. Or rather, if Bates proved that all cases are reversible without glasses.
  2. If eyesight is reversible, it is not a physical impairment, it is a brain condition, or sub optimal mental state.
  3. If my brain condition is reversible, other brain conditions may be reversible.
  4. If a brain condition has been reversed in one individual, it is reversible in anyone.
  5. If brain conditions can be reversed without medicine in one in individual, all individuals with that condition can be reversed without medicine.
  6. If all individuals with these conditions can be resolved without medicine, our mental wellness can be achieved without medicine. And when time does not exist, it does not matter the age of the afflicted individual. Healing is always possible.
  7. If our mental wellness is obtainable without medicine, we were created to be mentally well.
  8. If mental wellness can be achieved without pharmaceutical assistance, we were made in the image of something greater.
  9. If we were created in the image of something greater to be well, we have a purpose.
  10. If it is never too late to be healed, it is never to late to find our purpose.