This Is Not Real

We live in Fantasyland. Everyone is always on their phones. And its taking us further and further away from reality. And truth.

Think about what Instagram is. Snapshots of reality. Pictures of your friends, family, or celebrities in the real world. You get the tiniest bit of it. A single frame or a fifteen-second video. They are only a part of your life because you chose them over the present moment. You chose someone else’s life over your own.

But it’s not only that. It’s not like you looked up in a restaurant at the couple next to you. From there, it’s your perspective of their reality. But on social media, you get their perspective of their reality. What they think their life is like or what they want you to think their life is like.

My wife and I watched the Joker the other night. I couldn’t stop thinking this is a movie based on a comic book. If it was a play, there would at least be real people in front of me. I am watching a screen. Pixels of actors pretending to be people who never actually existed.

I have friends that share Twitch feeds on Facebook. If you don’t know, this is a place where you can watch people play video games online. And it’s popular.

First off, the video game itself does not actually exist in the real world. It never did. It started as an idea in someone’s mind, and ended up on a disk in your console. And your interactions are on a server who knows where.

Just in case that is not removed enough from reality, you can watch people play instead of actually playing it. Think about a memory of you walking your dog. Now imagine me watching a video of you walking your dog, if you and your dog both never existed.

I guess you could say that what is real is your thoughts. So in engaging in these things, you could share experiences with real people. If your mind is on the same thing, you shared something, right? 

Remember ‘I think, therefore I am.’ If thinking is adequate to know that we exist in reality, we have to assume that thoughts exist in the same reality. 

The problem with this is the fact that if thoughts are the only things that anchor these things to reality, how do you distinguish between two different thoughts of killing someone-one in a game and one in real life? You have to remember that the game has no anchor in reality. No one actually dies.

If thinking of killing people is OK, but killing people is not, why should we practice thinking of killing people? Is it possible to kill someone without thinking of killing them first? 

But wait, the people you kill online are actually anchored in reality. They are other people like you. So it’s more like killing real people in your dreams. 

So if reality has any value, if truth has any worth, put down your phone for a minute and be present in your own life. Put down your controller and go do something with your friends, instead of killing them in dreamland. You’re the main character in your own movie, and you write the script.

Absolute Truth

Is true in every reality.

Not conditional truth. Like this coffee is good. I look good. I feel good.

What is always true?

Time is true. Reality is true. The past is true, and always true.

But reality had a beginning. Time had a beginning. And if reality began, so did history. Therefore, they are not absolutely true. The only thing that would be true in every reality, even before time and reality is God. So not only is God true, but he is literally the only thing that is absolutely true.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. -John 14:6

Reality, Truth, and Faith

Reality is now. It’s everything, everywhere, every thought, emotion, or action happening at this moment in time.

Truth is a quality that something is in (or has been in) the set of reality. Anything that is true is part of reality. Anything that is false is not. Truth includes the past and present. The future is only a fear, hope, or expectation, unless you have the gift of prophecy. The future is Shrodinger’s cat. It’s both true and false at the same time, until it happens.

Faith is belief. I have faith that you will ace your test. That means that I believe that you will ace your test. But not out of pure luck, because I know that you know the material. So you cannot have faith in something that you do not believe to be true. Faith is based on knowledge. If what you know rules out said thing from being possibly true, it’s impossible to have faith in that thing. If you are terrible at math and didn’t study or do any homework, how can I have faith that you will do well on your test? I can’t. Faith does not exist outside of truth.

For instance, if you think that science is true, and you think that faith is a set of things that are also true, but that are outside the set of science, that’s not possibly the case. Two things that contradict each other could not possibly be true at the same time. It’s like saying I am wearing a yellow jacket that is red. I believe that if we unravel the shortcomings of science, we could see a happy marriage of faith and science. With the jacket comparison, I’d be wearing a yellow jacket with red stripes.