Electric Charge in an Aging Brain

  • The brain has electric charge.
  • The brain has a charge density.
  • The brain decreases in size over time.
  • Charge density increases if charge stays the same.

The charge has two sources: internal and external. But there is a limit to the amount of charge that the brain can contain. And as charge density increases the limit decreases.

Total signal= Internal + External

Sensory data input are electrical signals from the external world. There is also an internal source of electricity. But if there is a limit to the amount of charge the brain can have at any one time, and the internal source of charge increases [due to a change in volume], the brain may limit the other inputs to regulate this charge.

In the case of aging, the body may gather more signals to counter the lack of signal sensitivity. I’m sure you’ve heard that the ears and nose don’t stop growing. This is likely why. As the brain shrinks, it needs more and more molecules or vibrations to make a distinguishing identification.

Note: The eyes do not and cannot grow because they are a source of charge. Not just a signal, but also electric charge.


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