Explaining Superhuman Strength

We’ve all heard the story of the pregnant woman lifting a car off someone. There are so many examples. Maybe you’ve even experienced one of these events. Here’s how it happens.

We’ve already proven over and over again how we control our own aging and our own perception of time. Stress makes our brain work harder, and makes us age faster. But when you break it down to individual moments, it get’s really interesting. The fight or flight instinct, when many people say that “time stands still.” It’s because it basically does. Their brains are so active, that time slows almost to a stop. They are the furthest things from relaxed.

Bear with me. 

  • Force=mass x acceleration
  • Acceleration= change in velocity/ change in time

Everything is the same as it would be in the gym, but because of the change in brain activity, the change in time shortens. So if you let the change in time approach zero, you can see that there is basically infinite potential for force. So this calculation makes it possible for you to do superhuman things when you’re under large amounts of stress.


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My Power?

boy-child-clouds-346796The only reason I think I stumbled upon all this is a because of how unwavering I am in questioning the status quo. I’ve never accepted things at face value, and found my own truth as I went along. I made it slower, and more painful, but I made my own way.

Also, I toyed with glasses growing up. I first wore them in 3rd grade, and had them on and off throughout my life. I still have just about every pair I ever wore. I remember putting them on in class, just so I could see the essentials, and not wearing them for the rest of the day. I HATED the way they looked, and didn’t feel myself in them.

My vision was never perfect, though. I still saw fuzz at a distance as long as I can remember, but it just wasn’t something I really cared about. My general thought was: my eyes aren’t perfect, but they’re not terrible. I’ll get Lasik eventually and straighten it all up.

I was actually a pretty good athlete all things considered. Without good vision or corrective lenses, I probably went as far as I could. Remember: I never played sports in glasses or contacts. I don’t know why. I just never did. Until recently.

I don’t know if anyone can do it, or if it’s the lamest superpower of all time, But I can see through other people’s glasses. I know what you’re thinking: so can I. I need to dig in and test this a little more. There is a lady at our office with -3.00 diopter vision, and I put on her glasses and could see just fine. Most people would put them on and say “Whoa, you’re blind.” It may be because of all the experimenting I’ve done, or maybe I can strain my mind at will to change my vision. Whatever the case may be, it’s the lamest gift ever. But it has lead me here, so for that I am thankful.