Defining Half-Truths

An exaggeration is mostly true, but has a portion that is not true. That’s fastest car ever. Well, probably not. It’s a really fast car. It may be the fastest car that you’ve ever ridden in. But it’s unlikely the fastest car ever. False information is added. And with it, truth gets lost.

Gossip may or may not be true, but we spread it without verifying with the subject. So we may be spreading truth or lies, we can’t possibly know.

A white lie is something outside the truth told to make someone feel good about themselves. You look great. While the intent is good, the repercussions could be negative for you and the person you lied to. I’d opt for the actually true rather than the positive lie. Not you look bad, but maybe I like your shoes.

While these may seem harmless, if the purpose of life is to find the truth, then we are keeping ourselves and others from doing just that.

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