Vaccinate Your Kids

This has been written about plenty, so I’ll be brief.

I agree that Autism is not something I want my kid to have. Let’s just say for a moment that the vaccine does cause Autism. It’s doesn’t, but let’s just say that.

Because we know that the vaccine works, and prevents potential death, it’s a positive thing. There is not much mystery left surrounding the measles. We solved it.

From there, it becomes whether or not you’d rather have a kid with Autism, or no kid at all. I think all parents would agree that they’d rather have a kid with Autism.

But the vaccine doesn’t cause Autism. It saves lives. I’m all about thinking critically about Autism, but bringing back diseases we’ve solved is not the way.

Digging a little deeper, let’s say that one in a hundred kids actually get Autism from this vaccine (still not true). We know that if kids are exposed to the measles, they’ll probably die. And they have a chance of killing other people. So you’re opting for a low-possibility condition that’s less harmful as opposed to a high-probability condition, that’s very dangerous. It’s a no brainer. Vaccinate your kids.

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