The Evolution of Decisions

I like to look at human consciousness as a computer operating system, where you write the logic. You write the logic based on what you’ve experienced and what you’ve learned. Over the course of your life, your logic set has evolved based on your life. Think of a kid sticking their finger in a light socket, learning that is not something that leads to a good outcome. You get several hundred thousand iterations at decisions, you start learning which lead to good outcomes. 

So when you are faced with many decisions, you already know right or wrong, without even thinking. You may not have been in this exact situation before, but you can probably apply your knowledge or past experience to come to a logical conclusion. 

So as you learn and grow, your code evolves and you develop character. These tendencies protect you from future mistakes. When you stray, you write new code to help safeguard against that in the future, if you can realize that you’ve strayed. 

Your decisions can only be as good as the code that you write, and you decide which logic is sound. But just because you have a system that helps you make decisions, doesn’t mean that you cannot deviate from it. The deviations are what helped you establish your character in the first place, and it’s what helps you evolve further.

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